Meeting the Needs of a Global Economy

At Supply Source we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built through the years with our partners, suppliers, and customers. We believe the human touch where a person answers the phone and our consultants come to your place of business is what makes us stand out in the packaging industry. But don’t let that small town vibe fool you, as we are very much a global enterprise. 

Our capabilities stretch across the United States, and quite literally across the world. How are we able to serve our customers in Florida or in Europe from our headquarters in Portland, Oregon? Through our more than 100 partners that include about 30 large suppliers, as well as our sister company based in China. We’ve been cultivating these relationships since 1993 and found the most reliable businesses to work with—the ones who are innovative, motivated, and take as much pride in a job well done as we do. 

Customers who have multiple locations throughout the U.S. rely on our experience, resourcefulness, and flexibility to find national solutions to their supply chain challenges. To expand our ability to serve our customers, we continue to grow by adding regional service centers. The same holds true for our international accounts where we rely on global sourcing. No matter where you are, we have a manufacturing facility and warehouse close enough to get you what you need on time and on budget. 

We work with paper, plastic, glass, and metal container manufacturers and converters in Asia, North America, and Europe allowing us to manufacture or convert from any continent and ship to any continent. From the basics like towels, printing paper, and packaging tape, to the more complex films, glass for construction, and even artificial turf for a soccer field, we are able to source it and find manufacturers to assemble what you need. Supply Source remains full service no matter where you are located offering creative and innovative design options, engineering design and prototypes, and quality controlled manufacturing. And because we have warehousing capability everywhere, we can manage international inventory and keep freight costs low. 

Because a personal touch is so important to us, we set aside a hefty travel budget for our consultants so they can visit any location in-person to provide the consulting services you need. That’s right, we pay for the travel costs instead of passing them along to our customers. We do this because we know once you meet our team and hear about our solutions, you’ll recognize there are no better alternatives. Our consultants will come to your place of business, review your project, determine the best packaging system to meet your needs and share our findings with you.   

Supply Source sees one of the largest benefits of having a presence in so many places as the ability to keep our carbon footprint small. If we tried to ship items across the country or across the ocean, the environmental impact from fuel use and emissions alone, not to mention the cost in dollars, would outweigh the benefits of having customers in faraway locales. We’re all about sustainability and recognize that shipping is a significant contributor to poor air quality and everything that goes along with that. Our partners recognize this as well, which is why so many are willing to work with us to get you your goods. 

We recognize it’s a big world with a global economy. Whether you ship to Portland or Paris, Seattle, or ShangHai, Supply Source is the company you need to deliver any item, safely, quickly, and sustainably. We’re motivated by what others say is not possible and we believe by working with our partners, nothing is impossible. If you’re looking for personal service with a global reach, contact us to find out how we can help meet your shipping needs.