Packaging Equipment

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Custom Solution for Hewlett Packard designed and built by our Supply Source International Team located in Chongqing, China.

  • Designed shrink wrap system for HP

  • Built 40 shrink wrap machines to shrink wrap ink jet printers

  • Reduced packaging labor costs significantly

  • Provided protection and eliminated taping and handling during the finishing process of packaging

What Chris from HP is saying ...

“I have had the opportunity to work closely with both Supply Source, Inc. and Supply Source International (SSI) for the past four years. In my 20+ years in the field of supply chain management, I rarely come across companies that are more flexible and customer-driven than Supply Source and SSI. It starts at the top. Butch Pollard will bend over backwards to ensure that any reasonable request is met. Butch is always willing to share his vast knowledge of the paper industry. Supply Source is a valuable supplier to HP. They provide a variety of distribution and light assembly services and they do them all quite well. When HP needed a distributor on the East Coast, they enabled the capability in a matter of weeks. This is just an example of the ‘can do’ attitude employed by Supply Source.”

Hewlett-Packard Company

Chris Korn, Licensing and Strategic Alliance Manager, PPS Operations/Media Supplies and Solutions