Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Supply Source Industrial Supplies

From the front door to the loading dock, Supply Source can supply the industrial products that your company might need. We are able to provide your business with everyday supply items and hard-to-find objects you just can’t do without.  Over the years, we’ve developed very extensive product lines in many specialized industries and disciplines.

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What our customers are saying ...

“Since choosing Supply Source as our VMI vendor over a year ago we have increased the number of products purchased from them primarily for the following reasons: They are very aggressive in sourcing high quality products to match our needs.  Are quick to find “hard to get items” that are not always part of the normal products they purchase and stock.  They have been very proactive in lowering my costs primarily by finding alternative products of the same or better quality. They provide weekly inventory and purchase reports to show current inventory status and to monitor weekly spend which is very helpful to determine if I’m meeting my budget. Customer service is excellent; where I can call not only my Sales representative, but anyone else at the main office if I have a problem that needs immediate attention and get a solution.  From the CEO on down I feel Supply Source is very attentive to my company’s needs and works as a concerned partner to make our business successful.”

Hartung Glass Industries

Damon Huston, Purchasing/Supply Chain Manager