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Supply Source Stretch Wrapper Machine Training

Customer partnership how-to series.

How to wrap and inspect loads for shipping.

Supply Source OC 1080p Training Video

Customer partnership how-to series.

Tying the pallet and load together.

Supply Source Tabletop Strapping

Customer partnership how-to series.

Unitizing product for increased equipment ROI.

Supply Source Why Palletized Loads Fail

Customer partnership how-to series.

Best practices for minimizing product damage.

Video Library

From Pregis Protective Packaging

AirSpeed Versa

Pregis’ innovative Airspeed HC Versa machine produces inflatable hybrid cushioning in a proprietary square pattern. Designed with the customer in mind the machine is compact, easy to use, reliable and versatile.

Multiple workstation accessories are available in both standard and custom configurations. This scalable approach and wide application range make the HC Versa the most versatile solution on the market.

From Pregis Protective Packaging

Easypack Quantum XTW - Paper Packaging Solutions by Pregis

The Quantum XTW is a high volume void film system that utilizes fanfold paper to quickly and consistently convert large quantities of protective packaging material. This user-friendly system has unmatched safety, reliability, and enhanced ergonomic features that increase operator productivity. Perfect for packing sharp objects, loose or unboxed items, and filling voids to reduce dimensional weight. The Quantum XTW is part of a complete family of paper packaging systems from Easypack by Pregis.

From Pregis Protective Packaging

Easypack PackmateTM Pro - Paper Packaging by Pregis

Easypack by Pregis has perfected the way paper cushioning materials are delivered to the packer. The Packmate™ Pro machine is sleek and compact to fit any production environment, yet powerful enough to produce an extremely high-quality paper cushion. The small footprint is a perfect solution for multi-station packaging needs.

From Pregis Protective Packaging

Easypack PackmasterTM Pro - Paper Packaging by Pregis

Easypack by Pregis has perfected the way paper cushioning materials are delivered to the packer. The Packmaster™ Pro system is the ultimate multi ply paper packaging solution. It is safe, simple to use, and offers exceptional reliability. It is the perfect all-around paper solution that can mold to the shape of just about any product from fragile glassware to heavy industrial products.