Packaging Services

Packaging Services

Supply Source offers a variety of packaging services — assembly line optimization, packaging automation, and outsourced kitting, assembly and fulfillment. Whether you’re looking to optimize or automate your packaging line, or you need a trusted partner to step in and take care of it for you, Supply Source has the answer. Let us put our experience, knowledge and skills in packaging and logistics to work for you.

Contract Packaging and Custom Packaging Services

Our business was built on efficient, reliable and cost-effective packaging and delivery of goods. So whether you need assistance with a temporary surge in orders or a one-time program, or you wish to outsource your packaging operations completely, you can rely on Supply Source.

  • Kitting and Assembly

  • POP/Pallet Displays

  • Fulfillment

  • Labeling and Coding

  • Logistics and Packaging Supply Chain Management

  • Customer dedicated inventory

  • Sorting and Redistribution

  • 3P Warehousing and Distribution

  • Vendor managed inventory

  • Consolidated billing

  • Equipment Tech service

Customer Dedicated Inventory

Our warehouse is your warehouse. It is critical for us to maintain the inventory that is unique and critical to and for you. While we maintain general inventory for the typical production environment, the majority of our inventory is dedicated custom inventory for you only. We believe that VMI is the most responsible, cost effective and sleep producing inventory management/supply chain business model.

  1. As a business model, this allows you to maintain fewer SKU’s.
  2. Less inventory space wasted for less popular products.
  3. Fewer inventory distractions allows you to concentrate on what’s important, your customers.
  4. Simplified process for inventory management.
  5. Inventory investment dollars dedicated to what is most important.
  6. Increase inventory turns.

Packaging Line Optimization

How your product moves from a finished assembled product to a packaged product being prepared for shipping can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Optimizing your packaging line can pay big dividends for companies of all sizes. But just as no two companies are alike, no packaging line solution fits everyone. Packaging line optimization is company-specific, and it involves more than simply automating manual functions.

At Supply Source, we’re experts on the art and science of creating custom packaging solutions. As part of the process, we immerse ourselves in your operation. We observe your workflow, factor the unique intricacies of your processes, then provide advice, equipment, software and/or systems to help you create the most efficient packing and shipping operation.