Meeting the Needs of a Global Economy

At Supply Source we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built through the years with our partners, suppliers, and customers. We believe the human touch where a person answers the phone and our consultants come to your place of business is what makes us stand out in the packaging industry. But don’t let that […]

Filling the Void to Keep Packages Safe

Did you ever stop to consider that most things that come in the mail or are delivered to your door are either squares or rectangles? No matter the item’s shape, it comes in a box, envelope, or mailer. Consistent shapes make shipping, sorting, hauling, and delivery more efficient but pose a dilemma for packaging. The […]

Stretch Film Wrapping

Stretch Film to Fit Every Packaging Need

From an outside perspective, stretch film looks just like the plastic wrap you use in your kitchen to cover leftovers, albeit a roll large enough to encircle a pallet full of products for shipping. But not only is stretch film that’s used in shipping very different from household plastic wrap, it also comes in many […]

Systems Packaging

Take a Systems Approach to Packaging

Whether you believe that the circumstances of your life and the people you meet are part of a grand plan or happenstance, there is a ripple effect from every action that you take— just ask a teacher in a roomful of kindergarteners. At Supply Source we humbly suggest that you remember this truth when you’re […]

Protect Products and the Environment through Sustainable Packaging

In today’s world a conflict arises between the growing popularity of home delivery and environmental sensibility. Having items arrive at your doorstep instead of at a store is convenient but means added packaging and fuel costs. Is there a way to be a good environmental steward while reaping the benefits of home delivery? At Supply […]

Damaged Packages Damage the Bottom Line

One look at a shipping center where boxes are tossed onto trucks, or a glimpse of delivery drivers who sprint from house to house, gives you some insight into what happens to items once they are boxed and leave your business. As e-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, the need to find means […]

Packaging and Shipping Needs Have Changed with the Boom in E-commerce

The boom in e-commerce was already beginning before the pandemic hit and skyrocketed the popularity of home delivery from groceries to furniture to everything in between. The statistics bear this out with OptinMonster finding 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online and Shopify predicting online retail sales will reach $6.17 trillion by 2023. […]